Kosher Jade Roller



Kosher Jade Roller

Pack Size:
10 ml


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Product Info

Crafted with naturally sourced Jade stone, the Colorbar Jade Roller is an incredible skin care tool for beauty inside out. Facial rolling is an ancient beauty ritual that dates to the 7th century and is known to be both relaxing and de-stressing.This roller increases the absorption of your skin care products to over 3X, thus maximizing their effectiveness. Physically, it helps to firm the skin and aid in detoxing it. Metaphorically, Jade is known to attract the energies of luck, peace, and harmony. It promotes healing and reduces stress

Product Features & Benefits

•Improves elasticity of your skin
•Minimizes puffiness and fine lines
•Increases micro-circulation
•Eases facial muscle tension
•Ergonomic handle for a comfortable hold

How To Use

•Smooth a few drops of your favorite Colorbar Facial Oil/Moisturiser onto your skin
•Start from the centre of the face under the eyes and cheekbones, moving out towards the hairline in short, gentle strokes.
•Starting at the chin, move out towards the bottom of the ears in short gentle strokes.
•Roll above the eyebrows and forehead in an out and up motion. Use the smaller roller around the eyes, nose and lips with extra care.
•Very gently and then upwards roll down the sides of the neck in the centre