Our story

India's first direct selling company and a major player in the industry, Modicare is driven by a passion to empower the dreamer within people. Our story is led by leaders, innovators, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs who cared deeply about giving people the freedom to dream and the means to achieve them too. We've enabled people from all walks of life to dream beyond the ordinary by educating, exploring their potential and giving them a platform where they can rediscover their true selves, furthermore transform into successful entrepreneurs.

The transformation that Modicare has brought in the lives of people is not restricted to only financial freedom but it has also given them a chance to rediscover their confidence and realise their full potential.

The Modi Enterprises

Modi Enterprises has grown from being a small, traditional business of early 30's into a multi-billion dollar global conglomerate today. Founder of Modi Enterprises, Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi's vision changed the way the world looked at the Indian industry; that vision was been expanded and shaped by Late Krishan Kumar Modi, the founder's eldest son and Chairman of the Group.

Modi Enterprises has spread its wings far and wide: India, Middle East, West Africa, South East Africa, South East Asia, East Europe, Australia, South America and Central America.

The pioneer of direct selling in India Mr. Samir Kumaar Modi

An alumnus of the famed Harvard Business School, Mr. Samir Kumaar Modi's stint in the US gave him a global perspective and a multicultural approach to work. During his tenure there, the success of Indians worldwide amazed him. He began to understand that the only way to replicate success in India was through economic independence. Today, Modicare is changing the lives of lakhs of Indians by providing international quality products at Indian prices and making it accessible for them through 9000+ distributors, over 4 million direct sellers and more than 300K new direct sellers each month.

The legacy of Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi

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A benevolent philanthropist and a devoted country man, Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi was a visionary who started his journey as an apprentice for his father's business in 1919, but his entrepreneurial spirit and fervor to do good for people led him to Delhi with just Rs. 400 in his pocket from which he built an empire.

Mr. K. K. Modi

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Born in Patiala, India, Krishan Kumar Modi (August 27, 1940 - 2 November 2019) was the eldest son of Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi, the founder of Modi Enterprises. Moving away from the traditional businesses of the family, K. K. Modi guided the Group's strategic development and gave it overall direction. He shaped the Group's core philosophy and vision, and was involved with every major development and decision, as it grew to become one of India's leading corporate houses. Mr. Modi was known for his hands on approach to business and he played a key role in steering the Group companies and giving shape to the Group's vision for the future.

Dr. Bina Modi

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The USD 1.5 billion plus Group has diversified businesses across the country, mainly Modicare (direct selling), Modi Academic International Institute and KK Modi University (education), 24Seven (retail) and Colorbar (cosmetics). Enterprises like Godfrey Phillips India (FMCG) and Indofil Chemicals (agro, specialty and performance chemicals) are renowned leaders in their respective fields. The Group also has interest in specialty restaurants, fashion, entertainment and travel.

Modicare Foundation

Giving back for a more inclusive and beautiful world. We work towards enhancing, engaging, and empowering the lives of people through Modicare Foundation