Well In Shape Crystal Filer



Well In Shape Crystal Filer

Pack Size:
1 pc


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Product Info

File away your woes with our Well In Shape Crystal Filer.Constructed with chemically-treated glass, it smooths the ends of your nails to seal in the keratin layer of your nail bed and prevent your nails from chipping.Its break-resistant glass is easy to clean and sanitise – healthy nails are just a crystal file away.Made in PRC.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Its chemically treated glass smooths your nails to seal the keratin in your nail bed.
  • Easy to clean and sanitise with soap and water.
  • Constructed with break-resistant glass.
  • Its protective case prevents daily wear and tear.
  • Dermatologically tested.

How To Use

Start from one corner of your nails and move to the centre, applying gentle pressure.Use short strokes to shape your nails, and long strokes to smooth the shape.Store your filer in its protective case after use. Pro-tip: Traditional nail files should only be used to file nails in one direction – but they rarely are! This leads to chipping, peeling, and dullness.Glass files are safe to use in both directions, giving you the ultimate precision without damaging your nail bed.